Ewe & Lamb Pellets

Johnson’s Ewe & Lamb pellets are a balanced pellet specifically formulated for supplementing ewes and lambs during this critical period of production

Hay, straw, cereal grains, legumes, soyabean meal, vegetable oil, vitamins and minerals reduces the risks associated with selectivity and provide a safe diet for sheep and cattle.

Strict quality control standards ensure that all Oaten Hay is ARGT Free and tested for nitrates. In addition our facilities operate X-Ray facilities or decontamination units to remove contaminants ensuring a safe feed for our customers.

Suitable for a range of animals

The Johnson’s Pellet

Formulated from a selection of the following ingredients;

  • Barley, wheat, legumes and soybean meal/li>
  • Almond hulls, oat meal, ceral hay and straw
  • Legume hay and straw
  • Molasses
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Vitamins and Minerals

Our Promise

Benefits of Hay/Grain Based Pellets

  • Fibre stimulates rumination and reduces the risk of acidosis
  • Do not require additional access to hay or straw once accustomed to pellets
  • The pellets are formulated with macro and micro minerals and vitamins
  • Can be fed to Goats
  • Reduced wastage
Energy (Ruminant ME Typical Range)10.0 – 11.0 MJ/KG
Crude protein (Typical Range)14.0% – 15.0%
Equivalent Crude Protein (min)1.7%
Urea (max)1.0%

Delivery to your animal

Directions For Use

  • Ewe and lambs should be given free access to hay prior to introduction to ewe and lambs pellets
  • Gradually introduce the pellets over a 5-7 day period with hay or straw remaining available to sheep during this time
  • Hay/straw can then be removed, and pellets fed ad-libitum
  • Feed to the nutritional requirement of the ewe – consumption will vary with paddock feed available and reproductive stage of the ewe
  • Typical feeding rates can vary between 1.5% to 3% of ewe live weight.


Store in a dry, cool place that is free from pests and vermin
Best used within 6 months of the date of manufacture

Withholding Period

Meat – Nil
Wool – Nil

Pellet Presentation

  • 6mm or 9mm diameter
  • 600-620kg/m3 Bulk Density

Pellet Presentation

Bulk, Bulka bags (1t or 1.2t) and 25kg bags


Disclaimer This document/information is intended to be used as a guide only. It is a condition of use of all or part of this document/information that no liability will be accepted by
J.T. Johnson & Sons for any loss that may arise, financial or otherwise, from relying on information in this publication.

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