The Johnson group currently employs over 160 people through the following companies

Johnson Asahi was established in 1995 as a joint venture between Johnson’s and Asahi Agria.

Currently farming over 12,000 acres west of our Horsham export hay facility in Victoria.​ The hay produced on these farms guarantees a stable supply for our facility and our customers.

Performing controlled trials of new hay varieties, improved production and quality control techniques​

In 2018 JT Johnson & Sons and Yarra Corporation formed a joint venture cattle feedlot in South Australia called “Yarralinka”.​

​The facility has a capacity of 8,000 head of cattle.​

The feedlot is a vertically integrated system with a high level of quality control.

In 2021 JT Johnson & Sons & Cargo Freight Broker TM Fildes formed a joint venture.

TM Fildes is 100% Australian owned Family business. Established in 1987, it has built a reputation in the Shipping Industry for providing exceptional Customer Service and outside the square Freight Solutions.

In 2019 JT Johnson & Sons and long-standing client National Livestock Solutions (NLS) formed a joint venture to guarantee quality fodder to the Australian live cattle export industry.​

NLS provide the logistical capabilities to supply pelletized fodder to live cattle boats at all ports of Australia.​