Johnson’s has been manufacturing, marketing and exporting quality Australian stockfeed for over 100 years.

Johnson’s has been manufacturing, marketing and exporting quality Australian stockfeed for nearly 100 years.

As a fourth-generation family-owned company, our past, present and future is firmly rooted in the prime agricultural lands of South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia.

We source our products from the clean, rich, fertile Australian soils, and our farmers pride themselves on growing sustainable crops to make the very best stockfeed.

It is this commitment to quality, paired with our focus on relationships and innovation, that has seen us become world-leaders in our industry.

Our range of hay, straw and pellets are delivered to customers all over the world.

At Johnson’s, relationships and honesty mean the world to us.

Since 1923, our business has grown from strength to strength as a result of the value we place on our community — including growers – customers — and the fantastic team of people who wear the Johnson’s shirt with pride.

While we operate on a global scale with all the processes and systems you’d expect, we do business in the spirit of friendship, preferably over a meal and a bottle of wine. We have had growers supplying us with high quality hay for three generations now and we are proud of our long-standing relationships with them.

Schuster Family
Merv, Corbin, Gavin and Lleyton Schuster have been growing hay and straw for the Johnson family across 3 generations.
Hay Hay Hay Balaklava Bowls Tournament. Johnson's Team
HAY HAY HAY Balaklava Bowls day 2023 – Johnson’s team

At Johnson’s, we believe that personal connection is what matters most when it comes to giving back to our community. We are passionate about creating a strong and safe environment for all who live and work here – not just because of recognition but because it makes us feel good knowing that we’re making a positive impact in our local area.

We have been actively involved in supporting various initiatives within our community such as providing food hampers to those in need during the holidays, sponsoring youth sports teams and supporting students in their education and training opportunities.

Johnson’s are leading manufacturers and marketers of animal stockfeed throughout Australia, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, South East Asia and the Middle East.

Our innovative technology and quality control systems ensure our customers receive the best quality product and service available.

With history comes perspective. Nothing ever stays the same and change is the only constant.

Our business is successful because we embrace change and are continually making improvements, whether it be on the farm, in our processing facilities or when the stockfeed arrives at its destination.

In fact, Johnson’s were the first hay exporters in the world to x-ray big bales before processing, to address the issue of product contamination.