Horse Bedding Straw

Johnson’s Horse Bedding Straw is specially selected from crops that are long in stem and free from weeds, grasses, mould, and soil contaminants. Its low dust content makes it particularly desirable for use in stables.

Johnson’s strict quality control standards and X-Ray facilities ensure a safe bedding product for our customers.

Sourced from prime hay growing regions in South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia, Johnson’s long-term focus ensures our customers globally have security of supply, backed up by first class service.

Available Varieties

  •  Oaten straw
  •  Wheaten straw
  •  Barley straw

Suitable for all types of horses

The Johnson’s Difference

  • 4 field inspections completed
  • GPS recorded
  • Quality Assessment / Grade
  • ARGT Certified Free
  • Low Nitrate levels
  • Delivery Inspection
  • X-Ray before production
  • Non-GMO
  • Finished Product Quality Inspection

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