Since 1995, Johnson Asahi has been purchasing, processing and exporting hay and straw from farmers within the local regions for 25 years.

Production plant in Horsham

Johnson Asahi was formed in August 1995, when Johnson’s and long-term client Asahi Industries (now Asahi Agria), agreed to form a joint venture company and centralize Johnson’s existing east coast hay plants to one location in Horsham Victoria.

The partnership has grown from strength to strength with the company now exporting over 100,000mt of hay and straw each year.

As part of our desire to expand and improve, in early 2023 Johnson Asahi opened their new state-of-the-art production facility, located in Dooen. This new teasing press has been commissioned to complement the existing slicing press which will take the overall production capacity to over 200,000mt annually.

This joint venture partnership is testament to Johnson’s ability to maintain long standing relationships with our partners, suppliers and customers.

Johnson’s core values are based on family values, respect, genuine care and providing high quality feed for our customers. With a focus on communication and trust, the buying team at Johnsons Asahi listen to producers and work seamlessly with them to secure long-term relationships.

Johnson Asahi export 200,000mt of fodder per annum

The new production plant, manufactured by Schutz Industries (Eudunda) and Torques Industries (Adelaide) will introduce a teased bale option to the Johnson product range. Their unique friendly style of business allows staff to enjoy the challenges of business while having the scope to grow professionally as opportunities arise. Johnsons Asahi currently employee over 100 staff in SA and 41 in Victoria and growing! There is a wide range of exciting employment opportunities at their new facility in Dooen.

Total production capacity of the Dooen site will be 200,000mt per year employing approximately 50 staff.