Johnson’s are the first hay exporters in the world to x-ray big bales before processing.

ecosafeJohnson’s were also the first in the world to appropriately address the issue of product contamination.

Now with the use of x-ray technology, foreign material is detected in the hay before production to eliminate the health concerns of product contamination.

Quality Assurance

Johnson’s innovative technology and ecosafe quality control ensure our customers receive the best quality product and service available.

All product are tagged and barcoded for tracibility and quality assurance.


Field Inspection

  • 4 field inspections
  • GPS recorded
  • Quality Assessment / Grade
    – On site lab analysis
    – Grading
  • ARGT Certified Free
  • Low Nitrate levels
  • Delivery Inspection
  • X-Ray before production
  • Inline Quality Inspection
  • Non-GMO
  • Finished Product Quality Inspection